Toughsystem„¢ Tower on Wheels


The DEWALT TOUGHSYSTEM„¢ Tower comes with a selection of TOUGHSYSTEM„¢ Toolboxes a mobile modular storage system that allows you to quickly and easily change the combination of tools you take to work Manufactured from a 4mm thick reinforced outer casing with metal fastening straps and padlock eyes for lockable security They are dust tight and water jet resistant Supplied with 1 x ;TOUGHSYSTEM„¢ DS150 Toolbox 1 x TOUGHSYSTEM„¢ DS300 Toolbox And 1 x TOUGHSYSTEM„¢ Wheeled Toolbox The wheeled toolbox has a unique lid opening design with a rotating handle that enables maximum storage volume The lid is non-detachable It has an IP65 rated level water and dust protection seal to protect your tools whilst in storage The integrated side latches enable stacking of various modules and there is a padlock eye so tools can be stored securely The toolbox is equipped with a bi-material telescopic handle that has a wide gripping area for pushing and pulling

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