KLI12 Kliklamp Capacity 120mm


Feather light yet ultra strong Extremely lightweight stable magnesium fibreglass reinforced plastics and cold-drawn BESSEY quality steel this optimum mixture is characteristic of the innovative high-tech Kli Klamp lever clamp Thats why the smallest Kli Klamp weighs just a tiny 260 g simply ideal for assembly work or where several clamps are being used at once The pressure is also built up easily and highly effectively the VIBRAFIX ratchet mechanism lets you achieve a huge clamping force quickly with just 2 fingers You certainly will never have clamped as quickly easily or as gently as this Weight starts from a tiny 260g Sturdy fixed and sliding arms made from lightweight magnesium Stepped vibration-resistant VIBRAFIX ratchet mechanism Your benefits at a glance 1 Sturdy magnesium The surface-coated fixed and sliding arms made from sturdy magnesium are extremely light and strong 2 VIBRAFIX stepped ratchet mechanism The multi-stage VIBRAFIX ratchet mechanism is easy to operate vibration-resistant particularly easy-to-control and can be released quickly 3 A secure hold The fixed arm with the crossed v-grooves holds round pointed or angular components firmly in place This is part of what makes the Kli Klamp so versatile 4 Ergonomically shaped clamping arm The ergonomically shaped clamping arm made from fibreglass-reinforced polyamide is breakproof and fits very snugly in the hand Thats quality of the highest calibre

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